Thursday, August 28, 2008


Antonio López García
Sink and Mirror, 1967
Oil on canvas
image: MFA Boston
Exhibition this summer at MFA Boston

My new favorite painter/draughtsman. This man is incredible, his hyper realist work is impeccably empathetic and gorgeous If you can make me swoon over a sink, you simply rock. You can check out many of his works on various sites on the web. Haunting and ethereal, familiar and distant, the study and care that
López García puts into bringing his surrounding world to canvas is brilliant.

A Spanish realist painter,
López García, is a rock star artist in Spain. His work has not been very widespread in the U.S. (no good excuse will suffice for this) which serves only as a detriment to our artistic senses. Historically, I was never a fan of realist painting, but it turns out I was looking at the wrong artists! You'll see more of it over time, as López García has reminded me of other realist painters that I've discovered over the last few years that have encouraged me to take a second look.

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