Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exquisite biomorphism

Anish Kapoor

stainless steel
"Double" or "Sack"?

Yay! is all I can say. I adore Anish Kapoor. I've seen a few of his monumental public sculptures but was first introduced to him in a gallery in Chelsea in 2004. I greatly apologize but I do not know the name of this work (I took the pic myself and unfortunately did not make note of it (I take a shot of wall labels now). Of course if memory serves me correctly, there were none, as is often the case in gallery shows (gotta make sure to grab the work list on the way in). If anyone finds it anywhere online with a title please let me know.

Anyway, Kapoor is a master of form and illusion. I don't have dimensions either but it was about 3 ft long I think... David Cohen refers to this work (no title) and others in the show as "exquisite yet aloof biomorphic stainless steel floorpieces". (http://www.artcritical.com/DavidCohen/SUN57.htm) The aesthetic beauty of these works is undeniable, the

Another bit from a fellow Kapoor lover on the Artful Dodger blog, (excellent name huh?) "The key nugget that I always take home after an AK viewing is that having a brilliant concept is essential but the realisation is absolutely paramount - a fact some of our artists must concentrate on, if they want to be compared with the finest and stand the test of time."

His monumental works are something no one should miss. More recently I've discovered Cloud Gate. You must take a trip to Chicago and visit Millenium Park if you haven't. I could go on (as I've been googling Kapoor for 2 hours now) but I'll stop. I urge you to spend some free internet time checking out Kapoor and getting yourself to see some of his work in person, as the limits to sculpture accessibility are pretty strong without getting yourself out there.

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