Friday, October 17, 2008

Wood Landscape

Upon this Bank and Shoal of Time
Orit Hofshi
Ink drawing, woodcut and watercolor on pine wood panels and paper, 1068 x 264 cm, 427.2" x 105.6"

Click on the image to see it in a fuller length and more detail. I saw this work in a small exhibition catalog of the work of Orit Hofshi and Nogah Engler at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Both female Israeli artists, their work is rich and and intricate. Surely, the work of today needs full attention at it's full size, but we'll deal with the extended version on the web. I can't see all of the details so I am not sure if the prints were made from wood to wood or that the woodcuts were printed to paper which was affixed to individual wood panels which were mounted side by side. This creates a beautiful grid effect. The choice of leaving space between each panel allows you to see each panel as its own work in addition to their collaboration as one whole image .
I am also not exactly sure about the inclusion of the ink and watercolor but am guessing that it was a simple print transfer with details added with ink and watercolor. One of the great things about printmaking is it's conduciveness to mixed media additions.

Click on the title and you can scroll through the installation process of the work, and get a better idea of it's scale. The combination of sepia and black and white gives varied dimension to the work, moving you from warmth (sepia) to a cooler effect.

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