Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Broader Definition

Untitled, 2006
Jasper Johns
Ink on plastic
26 1/2 x 31 in.
image - Matthew Marks Gallery

Since this image is currently hanging on the wall in front of me, it seemed fitting to share. John's drawing is a great example of the broad spectrum which the term drawing covers. (Here is a an exhibition focused on a broader definition of drawing at the Met). Drawing also typically falls into the category of works on paper in most museums. My own work (when I get to it) consists of what I call drawing, which is conducted with ink and a brush on paper. The lack of a formal canvas as well as paint (though paint is often a part of drawing as well) are often consistencies in "drawings". This is a particularly abstract image (though affinities with celestial objects, trees and water all come to mind) and I like it because of the material as well as the sectioning of the overall image. Very different things are going on but alll come together through the liquidity and touch of the ink.

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