Monday, December 15, 2008


Green Green How I Love You Green, 1998-1999
Pat Steir (American, b. 1940)
h: 22 x w: 22 in
courtesy artnet

Can I choose a work because of its title? Yup. This is not to say I am not interested in this painting, I am, but the title drew me (as did the color). I originally planned on serving up the type of work I associate with Pat Steir (what I've seen in galleries) provoked this morning by the rain outside. (see more of Steir's work here).

To many, Steir paintings are reminiscent of Pollock, as the paint appears to have a life of its own, given freedom once loose from the end of the brush. What you begin to notice when you spend a little more time with these abstract paintings is that the marks and colors are deliberate, that the relationship the painter has with the materials as well as the action and control that occurs from hand to brush to paint to canvas is special. I do realize as I play around looking for more info on Steir, the diversity and beauty throughout her work and next time I'll post something completely different. Until then, I love green too.

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