Monday, January 5, 2009


Charles Rohlfs (1853–1936) American designer and craftsman
Chair n.d.

I'm always trying to broaden the reach of this blog to include work beyond what falls typically into "Fine Art". I am going to try to include more decorative arts. One of my favorite areas of decorative art is furniture design. Beautiful and functional pieces. We recently got a catalog of the work of an American furniture designer, The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs. It doesn't hurt that much of my favorite design is from the 19th, early 20th c. when much was booming in my hometown of Buffalo. Rohlfs spent his design career there. Rohlfs work stems from Arts & Crafts as well as Art Nouveau but his unique artistic attentions make it stand alone. This chair was apparently salvaged from the garbage and recently sold for almost $200K.

Rohlfs career was overshadowed by his wife's Anna Katharine Green, a best selling author of detective fiction.

NY Times article about Rohlfs and the travelling exhibition of his furniture.

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