Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Morro de Providencia
28 millimetres project : Women
Rio de Janiero
JR (French)

I am apologize, this entry is a little haphazard, I spent too much time looking at the images and video and didn't leave enough time to write this entry!

I am not sure when I first came across one of these images of a
Rio de Janiero slum. Be sure to click to get the larger image. I was fascinated by the imagery placed on the walls of these buildings. I looked into the photographer who goes by JR. These images are part of an over-all project. JR shoots pictures of local women, blows up the images and puts them back into the community. He has done projects in various parts of Africa, Brasil and other areas. These works are obviously more than the photographs that I am sharing with you. JR refers to them as "Actions" and you can find a few videos of the process of putting the images up as well as photographing women in Africa. He is referred to as a photographer, activist and street artist.


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