Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Light Tunnel

Light Tunnel

The Smith Group - Architect
Mills/James Productions
Victor Alexeef - Composer
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Pedestrian tunnel connecting concourses at the DTW airport. I can't find much written about the tunnel, garnering a little bit of information from a blog about light (Jim on Light) which is might be a fascinating topic for a blog as is. Most people refer to this as the "psychedelic tunnel". The music is cheesy but fits the space well. From the unlimited number of blog posts I've found about the tunnel most people think it's great. I have to admit by thinking it was pretty cool on my first trip through it, especially because it is a particularly long tunnel and makes the trip through a bit more interesting. I am willing to bet though if you are not feeling awesome (which surely is the case for many before or after a plane flight) this installation may not be a welcome bit of art.

The blue image to the right is a close up of the wall if I remember correctly from my trips through the tunnel. An even greater set of photos can be found here
Second Image: Thierry Guertin

The circular end of the tunnel never ceases to make me feel as if I might be beamed up at any second. After spending some time looking at photos, I think the tunnel has provided some people with awesome potential photography. Some of the shots are just fantastic.

1st and 3rd photo from:
Great set of photos on flickr

A google search for "detroit aiport light tunnel" will come up with an unending array of videos and photos.

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