Monday, February 16, 2009

Pulp Fiction

Stress, 2004
Thomas Allen
24 x 20 inches
Chromogenic print

A discovery through the current issue of Harper's, Ben introduced me to Thomas Allen. Happily, popping his name into Google did wonders and many of his images are online (if not all). Initially we thought the work was sculptural in the form of an altered book (which is an art form all its own). The now pop up books are not the works themselves but the photographs are. While Allen has taken an X-acto to a plenitude of predominately pulp fiction novels, he has created his own new scenes with the cutouts and then through aspects of photography sets the scene for the newly altered books, with lighting and background. The object serves as a kind of still-life for artist to use in his photography.

I love the combination of mediums. More photos.

Like it? See Abelardo Morell's Alice in Wonderland Series and David Levinthal.

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