Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Delicate landscape

Untitled, from the Weeds series, 1996
Byung-Hun Min (Korean b.1955)
Image: Museum of Contemporary Photography

Min's ethereal and unique photographs are reminiscent of traditional ink landscape painting. His Weeds series takes a simple bit of nature and captures it in a special rephrasing. Ming's inspiration stems from his Korean culture and landscape.

"Min’s photographs of grasses were taken on repeated visits to the same site where weeds have grown up against vinyl greenhouses and dried to their surfaces." (see Image link)

Vinyl greenhouses would not be the first thought coming to one's mind when looking at these photographs. The transformation that occurs through Ming's lense is delicate and sensitive creating a new miniature landscape.

See more of Ming's work from the Awakening exhibition at the Australian Centre for Photography and on the Muse-ings blog.

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DopeTasticQ said...

we love the composition. E is an amateur photographer and he said "incredible!" What a treat.