Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Light and Space

Light and Space III, 2008
Robert Irwin (1928-)
Installation, Indianapolis Museum of Art
fluorescent lights

Left image from blog: Modern Art Notes

All other images by me, ALH.

A recent visit to Indianapolis for a conference provided me with a visit to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. This installati
on by Robert Irwin is the first permanent commission by the artist. I am always fascinated by light in art but do not always like the structure and composition of installations. The incorporation of Irwin's tubes of light into the functional escalator a great sight to see. My own photographs show more of an interest in varying the frames of what I am viewing, breaking up the overall installation view. The installation is 3 stories. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to travel the escalators so the full depth of the work (10 ft. or so) I did not experience. Looking at the it from the atrium space it can appear flat. Modern Art Notes.

I am intrigued by the manipulation of light and space, only recently learning about Irwin, though James Turrell is one of my favorite artists.

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