Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Dancing in Colombia, 1980
Fernando Botero (Colombian, b. 1932)
oil on canvas
74 x 91 in.
Collection: Metropolitan M. of Art
Image: Heilbrunn Timeline

Once you see your first Botero, you'll always be able to know a Botero. Almost all of his paintings and sculptures are compiled of inflated oversize figures. His subjects stem from politics and society as well as the history of art. While Botero has a style all his own, his intensive art historical study is evident in his figures, reminsicent of the voluptuous figures of the Renaissance and the Baroque. Many of his scenes are plucked from those throughout art history, from the Mona Lisa to the family portrait. This painting represents a scence from his native Colombia, a story of a lively cafe. While his figures can initially spark reactions of humor and silliness, they often border on the grotesque and become blatantly satirical.

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