Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emphemeral Dandelion

Dandelion Hole (199?)
Andy Goldsworthy (1056-)
Image: travelinglight.vox.com

I unfortunately have not been able to find out the date of this particular work as no one who has posted it gives a source for the image, If I do find it I will update.

Artist, naturalist, environmentalist, Andy Goldsworthy takes natural elements and painstakingly recreates their physical and aesthetic presence. A sculptor, earth and landscape artist, Goldsworthy's aesthetic vision stems from the natural environment. His works are collaborations with nature, nature providing the inherent individual beauty and serving as found object, Goldsworthy impressing upon the natural state a unique and beautiful new vision.

While we can continue to see these works through their documentation (photograph) their existence remains ephemeral. Goldsworthy's use of the natural environment in medium and usually location (some of his works are created in indoors) is inherently fleeting, these flowers may remain like this for only hours but possibly days, or even months. Sometimes the material is hardier and sturdier like wood and stones, others as susceptible to its environment as a leaf that may soon blow away. A clip from the documentary, Rivers and Tides (which I have to admit to never having seen and will remedy this as soon as possible) shows the very essence of this ephemerality. If you are interested, you may very well be able to find it in your local library.

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jct said...

I saw Rivers and Tides at BAM. Absolutely breathtaking. Perhaps the ephemeral nature of his work drives him, but Goldsworthy is so prolific! He's in every major outdoor sculpture park around the world it seems.