Monday, July 20, 2009


Sun-sneezers blow light bubbles, 2007-08
Ranjani Shettar (Indian, 1977-)
Stainless steel, muslin cloth, tamaraind kernel powder paste and lacquer

I recently saw an exhibition of Ranjani Shettar's work at SFMoMA. Installations are a hard thing to share via the web but the pamphlet from the exhibition is sitting here next to me with this wonderful work on the cover, I wanted to share it.

"Shettar's sinous, organic structures suggest natural elements while utilizing both man-made and natural materials, as well as incorporating pre-industrial workmanship with contemporary technique. Though her sculptures initially appear delicate and fragile, upon closer examination, one realizes that each petal or wing like appendage is made of wrought iron or solidly cast in some kind of resin. In this way, Shettar's works testify to ideas of history, process, time, and evolution." (Marisa Naksone.

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