Thursday, August 27, 2009

Architecture of photography

Luisa Lambri (Italian, b.1969)
Untitled (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, #18), 2008
Laserchrome print
Edition of 5 and 1 Artist's Proof
29 1/2 X 25 inches


Installation shot from the exhibition, Luisa Lambri Jan 10-Feb 7, 2009 at Luhring Augustine Gallery in NYC.

I cam across the photography of Luisa Lambri today while researching artists who use light and space in their work. Lambri works within specific architectural spaces, abstracting these spaces to a point where they are only known by the title of the work. Without the title we see the shadows, lines and focus of a corner that could be anywhere. It's fascinating to discover how particular Lambri's choices are, choosing well known architects and their buildings. Architectural space is layered within her exhibitions, as she takes careful care in how her photographs enter an exhibition space, how they are hung, and where they should reside within the architectural space of the gallery. You can see more works from this exhibition here: and more... but I am particularly attracted to the one I've chosen today. It is the same space as in other photographs but I feel that the shadows and lines in this image create the fullest, most complete, almost painterly effect.

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