Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cafe Baby

Wonder Seated, 2008
Mark Bercier
30x40 in.
image: http://cafebabyneworleans.com/artwork.php

Another artist discovered on our road trip, we wandered into a gallery called Cafe Baby in New Orleans. We had quickly fallen for some small paintings of flowers in the front window. (Hope to buy one some day). The gallery was full of wonderful whimsy and luck for us, the man sitting at the desk was the artist. He proceeded to tell us all about Cafe Baby, his unique signs and symbols which he uses in his work and his wonderful obsession with old and handmade paper (the flower paintings are goauche on handmade paper). He opened up his other gallery 2 doors down and we had a wonderful time chatting about art and New Orleans.

More of Mark's work

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