Friday, August 14, 2009

Ivory wine

Griessmann, Balthasar (ca 1620-1706)
Ivory Goblet, ca 1680
20 5/8 in.
Getty Museum 2006.26

A small little book (Fruits of Desire) I came across today at work was dedicated to a single ivory goblet. Oh what a goblet it is! Held by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, this goblet "celebrates wine and explores the benefits and risks of its consumption. Culminating with an allegory of youth, it challenges the viewer to think about the degree to which pleasure and duty play their parts in our making life choices". (Getty bookstore)

I've always been a sucker for ivory carvings, never able to pass one by in a museum, the intricate carving are mesmerizing and this goblet is no exception. There is not a single inch that doesn't deserve focused attention. I'm excited to have discovered Griessmann, a bit of searching has unearthed more amazing carvings by the 17th century artist.

The Fall of Man , The Sacrifice of Isaac

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