Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mondrian Building

Mondrian Building
Building in Austin, Tx
image: lizardkingdom.org
Piet Mondrian (Dutch, 1872-1944)

While not art per say, I find people's take on art fascinating. Mondrian has never been one of my favorites, though the geometry of his work is quite soothing. I've seen many Mondrian paintings in person and the one thing you expect (or at least I have before seeing one) is that everything about them is exact, squared and picture perfect. Alas, this is not true. You can see a painterliness in his work, the lines, while always straight, have fuzzy edges, and the application of color is not uniform. This actually makes me happy, since, from a distance the paintings look sleek, and I actually find this a bit dull. His work doesn't age well, the solidity of the structure of the lines breaks down when you see that the paint is fading and cracking.

Instead of showing an actual painting (since the digital images surely don't represent what you would see in person, though may be more true to some original intentions) I discovered this house. What was surely an incredibly pedestrian house to start has been given and interest by someone's choice to share a bit of Mondrian. There is no shortage commercialization and application of Mondrian to material objects and products.

A Mondrian at MoMA

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