Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chinese textiles

Fragment of a hanging or cover
China, mid 19th century.
Silk, peacock feathers, metallic wrapped yarn.
The Textile Museum 51.30

I tend to usually be drawing to more contemporary art as well as art by known artists. Textiles is an area I am not very familiar with but whenever I come across supreme examples of them I am blown away. Techniques are also fascinating. This textile was created in China before the invention of synthetic dyes. Green, at this time, was incredibly hard to produce because while it occurs in nature, it never occurs as a steadfast dye. In order to create the green one needed to dye the fabric twice.

In this piece, instead of dye, peacock feathers were wrapped around silk threads. Not surprisingly, this was quite a task and was reserved for only special occasions. "Dating from the mid-19th century, this piece was likely part of a lavish hanging or cover used for Buddhist ritual. The colorful design depicts the “eight precious things” of the Buddhist faith: double fish, canopy, endless knot, lotus, vase, conch, umbrella, and the wheel of law." Textile Museum


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