Friday, July 25, 2008

The Inaugural Work

So, those of you who took some enjoyment in my art-of-the-day distribution list the last couple of weeks know this isn't exactly inaugural, but a new environment is all kinds of inaugural. Thanks to Ben for helping me out with the web address and the title!

This all started during a search for something to put on my desktop at my new job. I was happy with the portrait I found of Barnett Newman by Mark Rothko and decided to forward it on to a friend. The next day I found another work and art of the day was born.
I figured I could get a little bit more out of it by starting a blog and possibly reaching a greater audience. Currently my only intention in this endeavor is to share art that I discover and rediscover through play time, work time (cataloging art books is definitely a positive here) and research time. I plan to say a little bit about each work and provide a couple of resources which can lead you to more information about the work, artist, period, medium etc. Of course the latter part is the librarian in me, and you can feel free to take what you want from my postings.

Please feel free to write comments, I would love to know what your thinking, what you hate, what inspires you, what you love. One of the many wonders of art is that you can keep it to yourself or share it with the world. Enjoy!

Autumn Grasses in Moonlight, Meiji period (1868–1912), ca. 1872–91
Shibata Zeshin (Japanese, 1807–1891)
Two-panel folding screen; ink, lacquer, and silver leaf on paper; 26 1/8 x 69 in. (66.4 x 175.3 cm)
Collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art

I admittedly have practically no experience with and fairly limited exposure to Asian art. I was cataloging a catalog of Shibata's works yesterday and fell for his beautiful work, you can see the 2 panels and more views by clicking on the title. That is all for today, I've been spending too much time putting this blog together! Be sure to click on the highlighted text, I am including all kinds of links!


Meggo said...

this is great. keep it up.

DopeTasticQ said...

this is awsome! I love a little right brain food. What a great idea!

K'smom said...

Al I love this! It will be the perfect balance to my daily dose of Teh Cute and Cheezburger.
Thanks for doing it!