Saturday, July 26, 2008

Expressionist Drawing

"Fall VI" Pen, ink and gouache on white paper ~20"x30"
Helen Gotlib

This drawing by Helen Gotlib, is one we wanted to buy at the Ann Arbor Art Festival last weekend. (Click on the title for image details) Alas, it was out of our price range, but noticing some affinities with yesterday's work Ben suggested I post it. Gotlib also does figures in a similar vein which are excellent, but I am drawn to the decrepit beauty of her flowers.

My first thoughts
were of the German Expressionist, Egon Schiele's figure drawings. I commented that they looked like Schiele flowers. I
Self-Portrait with Arm Twisted Above Head
1910, watercolor and charcoal on paper.
Private Collection, New York
recommend checking out some more of both Gotlib's work and Schiele's. He also spent sometime doing landscapes which whenever I see them, I have trouble taking my eyes away. If you are in NYC definitely take a trip to the Neue Galerie, a little treasure amongst the endless spaces of the nearby Guggenheim and Met. The Neue also has a fantastic cafe, I suggest the bavarian sausage :)

I am having some formatting problems, so I apologize if things look a little funny, I am fairly new to blogger, I'll be working on it. I plan on getting up at least 5 posts a week, but will try for more... Have a great weekend, I am off to a beer festival in Ypsilanti!

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