Friday, August 22, 2008


So a bit of a distance from what I've shared so far this week. A self-portrait from 2000-2006, Everyday by Noah Kalina. A photographer takes a picture of himself everyday for 6 years, brings them all together digitally, adds an original piece of music created for it and ends up with a near 6 minute self-portrait work. I discovered this through an article on digital self-portraits in the NY times from 2007. Apparently this has become a popular pastime for, as many would suggest "people who have too much time on their hands". Funny thing is, it doesn't need to take too long.

While many may argue as to its artistic validity (as is true with oh so much), I still find this particular work fascinating (I recommend watching it in its entirety). One cannot deny its status as self-portraiture, and when you take a look at the rest of Kalina's work (he photographs restaurant interiors for a living) and another self-portrait series of his you can see a connecting thread. The film began as a collection of digital still photographs that didn't garner much attention. The intention of creating a film didn't occur until Kalina saw the work, Me by Ahree Lee.

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