Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Letter Ghost

Letter Ghost, (Geist eines Briefes) 1937
Paul Klee
Pigmented paste on newspaper, 13 x 19 1/8"
Museum of Modern Art

Paul Klee today. My love for Klee wavers depending on the work. There is a wonderful little work at a wonderful little show at my museum right now, Between the Wars, which enabled me to discover the wonder of the works on paper that the museum has in its collection. That, plus my current preoccupation with printmaking has sparked an interest in drawings and graphic works so bear with me if I inundate you with them (I'm sure my interest will easily be swayed any day now but...).

"In much of his work, he aspired to achieve a naive and untutored quality, but his art is also among the most cerebral of any of the 20th century. Klee’s wide-ranging intellectual curiosity is evident in an art profoundly informed by structures and themes drawn from music, nature and poetry."(MoMA)

Enjoy this open-eyed ghost, slightly alien in appearance, its face constructed as the overlap of a letter.

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