Thursday, October 2, 2008


Interior Strandgade 30, 1908
Vilhelm Hammershoi

Sorry this is a quickie, I definitely need to put some more time in. Also sorry for the miss of yesterday...

I can't say much else other than I discovered a new dear favorite. We just got the catalog for this show which will be at the Royal Academy in London and Tokyo's National Museum of Western Art. Similar to my discovery of Vuillard, I realize that I am drawn to particular interiors executed in paint. Hammershoi's are often considered haunting, which is surely due to his bravo using light as well as creating a familiar yet unfamiliar space. The viewer can feel like a voyeur, getting a long term glimpse into a private interior. I am only surely aware of seeing one of his works here at the TMA (which is in the show in London) but will pay much greater attention to catching more in the future. Unfortunately it's been said that most of the works are in collections in Scandanavia where, Hammershoi is revered, and they are not likely to lend his works often. If you like his work take a look back at my post on Antonio Lopez Garcia. While the sink scene may not be the ideal comparison, his other interiors breathe of an affinity with Hammershoi.

Check out some of the videos here of a focus on Hammershoi's Portraits, Interiors and landscapes.

Shh Hammershoi is on display

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