Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wave Field

Wave Field, 1995
Maya Lin
Shaped earth; 100 x 100 feet. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Image at Uniquely Michigan

A bit of earth/land art and public art practically in my backyard, I just discovered this work by Maya Lin. With initial thoughts to highlight Maya Lin's Vietnam Memorial for today I discovered more of her work and veered to the less heavily associated work. While this is very much an earth bound work Lin's fascination and ideas stemmed from art history, science and autobiography. The results are a truly integrated work that shares its beauty with the public.

"A concept as inextricably bound to Eastern philosophy as it is to the principles of thermal dynamics, "The Wave Field" - as an inherently social work - demonstrates that out of destruction can come creation and the possibility for renewal. " (Art:21 Maya Lin's "Wave Field" PBS)

The waves are 3 to 5 ft. high which help to engage on a close physical level as one can sit in the wave (Image at umich)

This is the first in 3 "Wave Fields" by Lin. Check out NYTimes this article and video with Lin discussing the third and final field at the Storm King Art Center which will open in the spring of 2009.


K'smom said...

calming- listening to Maya Lin on her video was very calming....I will find a way to visit the wave field.

A.L. said...

You can come to visit us anytime and we'll go! It is just an hour away and we'll take you to my wonderful museum too!!!