Thursday, March 19, 2009


Remedios Varo (1908—1963)
Mujer saliendo del psicoanalista
[Woman Leaving the Psychoanalyst]
oil on canvas
70.50 x 40.50 cm
Museo de Arte Moderno. INBA, Mexico

I was introduced to Remedios Varo by a very good friend years ago, and unfortunately have not spent much time with her work since. Her work is laden with psychological imagery, symbolism and surrealistic subjects. In this painting, the woman is about to drop a piece of her "baggage" (one of her veils) that she has succeeded in removing through her visit to the psychoanalyst. She carries more to be gotten rid of, requiring return visits. Unfortunately Varos is a relatively unknown surrealist amongst her peers.

A great group of her work on a Flickr page.

A video of more of Varos' work:

I hope to get a work in for Friday, but I'll be driving to Buffalo tonight so I can't promise anything. I am very excited about checking out a special exhibition at the Albright Knox Art Gallery this weekend though, will probably be sharing some of the work next week!


K said...

Hooray Varo! Not that I don't love a lot of the work you've posting but her paintings are just stupendous.

Sarah said...

Wow, Al. I've never seen this artist's work before. It's really really cool.