Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Image of artist

Frida Kahlo, 1931
Imogen Cunningham

Yay! A work of art by a woman, with a woman artist as its subject. Double women artist day. Imogen Cunningham was a glorious artist. Her photography is wonderful. Spend some time with her Published works.

Cunningham output consisted mostly of portraits, nudes and flowers. She did many self-portraits (which I adore - see the one to the left), one of her first self-portraits being a nude self-portrait from 1906. Cunningham found her way to the creative side of photography through studying chemistry in college where she wrote her thesis on the chemical process of photography. ( She became one of the first professional woman photographers, opening her own studio in 1910. Cunningham worked as a photographer her entire life, dying at the age of 93, and as a result the joy of discovering new images if her work is new to you can last for a time.

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