Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Child's Cradle, c. 1895
J. & J. Kohn, Josef Kohn and Jacob Kohn (Austrian)
Ebonized bentwood, 80 1/4 x 56 1/4 x 25 7/16"
Manufactured by Jacob & Josef Kohn, Vienna. Gift of Barry Friedman
Museum of Modern Art 163.1993 Image: moma.org

I've seen this cradle at MoMA and always thought it was pretty fantastic. While it stands beautifully as sculpture on its own, when lined with thick cushions it served an infant pretty well.

"The sinuous and sensual design, with the elegant, curved forms of the cradle and the long vertical arm that supported draped netting, reflects the popular Art Nouveau style of the time. Such cradles could be found in stylish, bourgeois homes all over Europe." How I wish we still lived in such style.

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