Friday, May 1, 2009


Loader, 2008
Brian McCutcheon
Steel, fiberglass, resin, urethane plastic, auto paint, enamel paint, tinted lexan
Current location: White River State Park, Indianapolis

Brian McCutcheon is interested in the male image in art and culture. We can easily see the masculine aspects as a result of McCutcheon's choice of object. The sculpture is based on a "boy's toy" as McCutcheon states, his commentary on this particular sculpture focusing on male imagery. One could see an interplay between the choice of modeling after a toy in a monumental sculpture as questioning the interchange between boy man.

Despite these possible overtones, I find the sculpture particularly whimsical (the bright yellow aids that). I was struck by the physical and aesthetic elements of Loader, the strikingly different views I got by changing my position around the sculpture. It was very well located along a bridge path along with other large scale sculptures. in White River State Park.

Indianapolis is wonderfully dedicated to public art. Be sure to wander the city next time you might be going through. They have art location pamphlets to take you along as well.
Public Art Indianapolis

Images: A.L.H.

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