Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garden wicker chair

Jean Dufy (French, 1888-1964)
Le jardin au fauteuil d’osier, 1927
oil on canvas
h: 28.75 x w: 36.25 in
image: artnet.com Jean Dufy Artist Work Catalogue

Sorry about the missed day yesterday as well as the weakness in content of today's work. My excuse? Sleepiness. Anyway, I was perusing artnet.com's wonderful array of artist catalogues and discovered Jean Dufy. I believe I've come across him before but am not sure. I wandered through a number of his works, impressed by both color and composition but kept coming back to this one, most likely of the juxtaposition of the vertical lines of the wall and table in contrast with the organic forms, as well as balance of color.

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